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With a +10 million impressions and we are leaning in and aiming to be the leading go-to-market channel for AI.

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If you want exposure and backlinks? You’re in the right place. We publish new free and paid tool profiles to every day; so if you’re in a rush, you can accelerate your listing to the front of the que. If you want to capture the most traffic possible, and build credibility; our editorial team will do a deep dive on your product!

# Profile type Description Example Pricing
1 Free Published in 3 - 6 weeks Free
2 Accelerated Published in 1 - 3 days Same as above $49
3 Human Deep Dive Detailed review in 5 days $299

If you’re considering sponsoring, scroll down and check out our rates; we are publishing Accelerated profiles for every new sponsor. If not, click below. This should take you about 5 minutes. Remember: the better data you can provide, the better we can promote you 💪

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